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Accounting & Finance

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Finance for Non finance professionals
  • IFRS/IAS & other standards
  • MS Advanced Excel Courses

Regulatory & Risk Management

  • Risk Assessments
  • Tax Regulatory
  • Control Environment
  • Enterprise Risk management (ERM)
  • Internal Audit and Control Environment

IT & Automation

  • Digital Transformation
  • Web design
  • Application Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Connectivity & Cyber security

Leadership, HR & Personal Development

  • Effective Leadership Skills
  • HR Management
  • Team Management
  • HR Budgeting
  • Talent acquisition

Marketing & Business Development

  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Content Marketing

Setup Invoice Reminders in Xero

One of the roles Crevaty plays to serve its customers is to help them constantly improve processes to help their business grow.

Invoice Reminders are a great way to let Xero do the work for you. You can set this up in minutes, and it will save you hours throughout the year. It is quite common that a customer’s accounting may not be very sophisticated or they may think you’re not serious about your Due Dates. Giving them a little nudge helps them know a payment is due soon and that you are on top of your game concerning your invoices.

Crevaty Academy has a precise goal.

We are on the mission of offering every possible opportunity for professionals to upgrade their proficiency and enhance their value as specialists within today’s competitive market.

We help develop knowledge, skills, competencies and expertise that will support both individual growth and help organisations to enhance, grow and retain their most valued talents.

Crevaty Academy has all the means to achieve its mission.

Our highly experienced team dedicated to professional learning and development brings along their vast experience, innovative thinking and the latest best practices at the highest of standards.

Subject matter experts share their knowledge attained through years of working within leading international organisations.

We, Crevaty Academy offer a unique strategic approach to learning.

Crevaty Academy truly understands the importance of combining practical subject matter expertise with an engaging delivery to ensure that the ultimate learning is achieved. The effectiveness of our training programmes is largely attributed to this precise combination.

Our professional trainers undergo a rigorous selection process and criteria to secure this vital recipe, that combines specific subject knowledge with a proven track record.

We understand the various needs of both individuals and organisations and offer training and development curriculum in varying styles to ensure that the best learning is achieved. Training delivery styles include Face to Face (classroom), Live Online, In-house (customized), eLearning, Self Paced and Self Study.

Crevaty Academy, operating under a unified structure, directed by a single, central management team, present through 7 offices in 7 countries lead by 7 directors strengthened by a diverse team of professionals, is an independent member of Crevaty Network of firms/Crevaty International Network.

Crevaty is one of the world’s leading networks, uniting independent companies to provide top-quality professional services in both international and regional markets. Crevaty also supports network members through training & development, that help each firm deliver their services at international quality and expertise.

At Crevaty, We believe in the power of great relationships by creating value to society. We channel change into progress for great futures.


IFRS 17 Training Program

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