Internal audit consulting is a service that Crevaty Kuwait provides to its clients on outsourced or co-sourced basis in order to carry out the internal audit engagements within business entities, which help the audit committee or Board of Directors obtain assurance about risk management, control and governance processes.

The internal audit services provide several benefits that businesses gain significantly, assisting the management with identifying, measuring and monitoring the internal controls; identifying deficiencies in processes and procedures; defining recommendation and guidance required to rectify the deficiency from within the business entity; achieving the established goals; and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

We, at Crevaty Kuwait, offer highly professional delivery of internal audit engagements through employing specialist professionals with extensive experience in working with different industries, and applying the regulators’ instructions and international standards governing the internal audit engagements.

Internal Audit Services provided by Crevaty Kuwait

  1. Provision of internal audit services on outsourced or co-sourced basis;
  2. Services on implementation of corrective actions that arise from internal audit reports and internal control review reports; and
  3. Assist clients to develop internal control system.

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